Annual Kennebec Reunion

I just spent three great days in Maine, attending the annual “reunion” on the last Saturday night in July.  It is essentially a pot luck dinner at the Belgrade Center for All Seasons, near the town of Belgrade Lakes.   The reunion started for counselors who still have summer homes in the Belgrade area.  There were lots of people there….about 35-50 men plus spouses.  More former campers are starting to show up as the word spreads.  Among the familiar counselor and camper names in attendance were:  Perry Lakin, Mal Dawson; Pete Geiger, Ed Brunswick, Artie Clark, Adam Goldstein, Danny Alexander, Hal Weisbein, Joe Rader, Bruce Trumper, Moxie Rogers, Richie Stotter, and more…..

The event, as always, was a huge success.