Kennebec Camp Song

Kennebec Camp Song
(Tune: "The Red and the Blue")

Come all ye loyal campers now
And list' to what we say.
Lift up your hearts and voices
For the old Maroon and Gray.

For other camps have colors
And they are good ones too,
But they will quickly fade away
When with them we are through.


Hurrah, Hurrah for Camp Kennebec.
Hurrah for the Maroon and the Gray.
Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah
Hurrah for the Maroon and the Gray.

Kennebec Fight Song

Cheer for our team boys,
Fighting to win.
She is a corker
With lots of vim.
Cobbossee will surely quit
When we begin to hit
Fighting for Kennebec! Rah! Rah!

Here comes our nine!
Leading the line!
They will play and conquer today!.
So let's give a good, long cheer for
Our Kennebec.  Rah! Rah!
The camp that leads them all.

Play some more
And raise the score
For our Kennebec. Rah! Rah!