Memorial Service for Uncle Harry

Just a brief report on the very fitting memorial service for Uncle Harry held on Friday, October 30, 2009, at 12:30 pm at Congregation Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia.  There was an excellent turnout of Kennebecers, too numerous to mention them all here.  I’ll name just a few:  Mickey Langsfeld, Maury Garten, Mal Dawson, Jeff Binswanger, Jack Adler, Jeff Sternfeld, Mickey Snellenberg, Bernie Lemonick.  The Alumni Association sent a very nice flower arrangement with a placard showing the CK Logo and a photo of Harry in his maroon CK T-shirt.   Kennebec and Harry’s positive influence on it were mentioned several times and there were several marvelous photographs of Harry in full Indian dress and war paint as the Sachem.  Gene and Hank Meyers along with three grandchildren spoke movingly about their father and grandfather.  It was a very nice tribute.  We will all miss him.