Remember Watson Hall?

Just a note to let you know that Alvah Watson’s daughter, Grace
Wendell, passed away last night at the age of 93 or 94. She was a neighbor
of ours on the lake and a friend for years.  Grace had many memories of
Kennebec, Roger and Beanie. You may want to let Hart know. I think he would
have memories of Grace and her husband, Ray Wendell who enjoyed many summer
vacations next to the Gatehouse along the lake shore. She would often tell
us about the many buildings that her Dad built at camp. She was proud of
Kennebec but disdainful of the years after Hart’s ownership. Much of Modin
is on land leased from the Watson Family Trust.
   Grace was healthy until the moment of her passing as she hosted her
children and grandchildren for the holidays. She had recently returned from
the Middle East and was planning a trip to South America. She was a world
traveler until the end. Grace’s husband was an executive with American Water
and they lived in Bryn Mawr for many years and raised their children there
and “on the  farm” on  North Belgrade.
   A memorial service is planned for July 3rd on the shores of Salmon Lake.

                       Mal Dawson