Trip to Maine and Annual Mid Summer Reunion


Kennebecers—I just returned from a week in Maine—-80-90 degrees and NO HUMIDITY….perfect weather!  Spent three days in the Moose River Valley at Attean Lake Lodge (    For those who took the Moose River trip in the 60s and probably 70’s, Attean Lake Lodge was where we left supplies as we took the Moose River Bow.  We then picked them up before we continued down the river.  Linda and I did white water rafting on the Kennebec…..WOW!  Have now stayed at that resort twice……it’s really a wonderful place and I recommend it highly…..climb Mount Sally, canoe to Holeb Falls, enjoy the beaches on the uninhabited Attean Lake.  Go to sleep to a symphony of loons!  Incredible.


Then went to Belgrade and met up with Mal Dawson.  We drove to Skowhegan where we met the current owner of the “Kennebus”…the 1950 Chevrolet Wood sided bus that transported many of us on trips.  It is being restored and looks great.  Even has “The Kennebec Camps” lettering on the doors.  I’ve uploaded some pictures of it to the photos section of the website.  Enjoy the views.


Saturday night was the annual reunion of those Kennebecers who still have homes on Salmon Lake and nearby areas, and a few of us who journey there for the annual summer soiree.  Excellent evening….a bit smaller group than last year….people had conflicts.  Among others saw Dan Alexander, Mal Dawson, Hal Weisbein,Bob Rader,Bruce Tumper, Curt Lakin, one of the Kendigs (can’t keep them straight!), Charlie Sandmel, David Sandmel, Ed Morris, Pete Geiger, Moxie Rogers, and more.  Great time….you all should try it.


Join me and raise your glass to our wonderful memories!!